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The Best And Easy Healthy Crock Pot Chicken Jamabalaya Home Made Recipe

Celebrate Mardi Gras with this Chicken and Sausage Slow Cooker Jambalaya Recipe. A Cajun favorite made super easy right in your crockpot. A fun, flavorful and festive dinner idea.

Easy Cajun Jambalaya Rice Made In The Slow Cooker

If you are a fan or Cajun food, like I am, then this Jambalaya Recipe is for you. New Orleans dishes are know for the flavor and flair. This jambalaya definitely has the flavor but with a super simple preparation in the crockpot.

The ingredients have time to blend and develop while being cooked low and slow. Add the rice at the end to let it cook right in the juices.

What Is Jambalaya Made From

Jambalaya is a blend of protein, in this case chicken and sausage, onion, celery, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, spices and rice.

I do use tomatoes which brings out some opinions. Some Louisiana folks say no tomatoes, no way. I have been to New Orleans many times and have had it with and without tomatoes. I prefer the tomato version.


The Best And Easy Healthy Crock Pot Chicken Jamabalaya Home Made Recipe



1 Sweet Onion – chopped

3 Celery Ribs – chopped

1 Green Bell Pepper – seeded, chopped

1 Red Bell Pepper – seeded, chopped

1 Lb Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast – cut to bite sized chunks

12 ounces Andouille Sausage – sliced

28 ounce Can Crushed Tomatoes

1 Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce

2 Tablespoons Cajun Seasoning

3 Garlic Cloves – peeled, grated

2 Bay Leaves

1 teaspoon Dried Oregano

1 teaspoon Dried Thyme

1 teaspoon Smoked Paprika

2 Cups Chicken Broth

Salt/Pepper – to taste

1½ Cups Long Grain White Rice


Combine all ingredients in large slow cooker except salt, pepper and rice.

Cook on high for 3-4 hours.

Salt and pepper to taste. Stir in rice, cover and cook on high for approximately 30 minutes. Check for doneness after 20 minutes then keep a close eye to prevent over-cooking the rice. Add water or broth if necessary.

Discard bay leaves and serve.


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